The base of the matter is

As the understated achiever, we’re here for the makers of lush green spaces. Supporting stylish growth in homes all around town.

We’re ‘pot pleasers’ for a reason

Designed in Melb

Our ceramic support comes in many shapes, sizes and finishes. Choose the style you deem worthy, and get ready to get your hands dirty.

Price Proud

We’re proof that local quality doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. And, we’re proud that our epic value is worthy of a ‘greenback boogie’.

Aus-wide Shipping

We’ll happily potter around town or even across the country, to get to you. Humble groundings, big effort. It’s why our growth is stalks above the rest.

30-day Exchange

If your chosen piece doesn’t sit well with you, you can simply exchange it for another beauty. There are plenty of pots for your pleasing.


Let’s be social and potter around together? Share your green evolution with us, and we promise to share the odd 'pot pun.’ #EverEvolving